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Whether the love of your life is 4-legged, 2-legged, furred, finned, feathered or’s a place just for you and your beloved pets.  


We give you information that is important to you when it comes to everything local: in and around Atlanta.  


-Local interest stories that are fun, informative and beneficial to you and your pet available via online digital magazine. Download the annual edition for FREE on your ipad.  The annual edition is FULL of information you will want to keep at your fingertips. People, places, products that are relative to pet owners in the Greater Atlanta area.  Health tips and products to keep your best friend healthy and happy for a very long time!  Print version available as well for a fee.

-We love posting all of the local pets under our “Petz Photos”


-Want to have some fun while helping out a worthwhile local animal cause, shelter or rescue?  Check out our “Happenings” section for things to attend


-If you need a specific pet product, service and place then go to our “Hot Spotz & Services” where you can find information by category and area of town and you can pickup a copy of the directory free at pet-related places.


-So you’re ready to be a forever home for a deserving pet? Go to our Adoptables and check out the many adoptables available all over Atlanta.  From Dogs to Guinea Pigs, bet you can’t just adopt one!


Atlanta Petz  Magazine is part of the My Petz Magazine family.  When you want information that is national or state specific is another great resource  for information on pets from all over!   

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